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I was captivated by the intaglio process when I pulled my first print in a college class.  I soon began to 

experiment outside of the class, even using my mother's old wringer washing machine as a press.  A short

time later I purchased my own etching press.  It is a Sturges CP-4, and I am still using it nearly 40 years later.  

I have continued to explore various techniques and combinations of techniques.


I have experimented with etching, drypoint, aquatint, collagraphs and solarplate etching.  Combining the

techniques allows me to merge photography with drawing along with the addition of various natural and

manmade textures.  The combination of various matrix (plate) making techniques, inks and paper as well

as other printing surfaces, such as fabric and leather, present me with a multitude of possibilities and 



I often work from my collection of photographs and find images that can be blended together to form 

something entriely new and otherworldly.  I strive to create an image that appears to be somewhere between

reality and imaginary, between wakefulness and sleep.  I hope to pull the viewer into the image to question

not only the meaning of the image, but also become curious about the process of making the image.






I Am a Printmaker

Stephanie Samaitis Carnell



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